Library Card Policy

Walnut Public Library District non-resident fees are determined by the general mathematical formula established by the Illinois State Library [75 ILCS 5/4-7(12) and 16/30-55.60].

To determine the minimum non-resident fee, a local library should divide the library income from public property tax sources or its equivalent by the local population to determine the cost of service per capita. All public libraries should then multiply the per capita figure by the average number of persons per household in the community to obtain the average cost per household on which to base a fee for a family card. The most recent federal census information available shall be used in determining population and household size.

The Walnut Public Library District has established the FY 2022-2023 non-resident fee of $50.00 per household for the year. This fee is subject to change each fiscal year. If a non-resident is experiencing financial hardship Walnut Public Library will offer monthly or semi-annual library card renewals.

Non-Resident Cards for Kids

At the June 07, 2022 board meeting The Walnut Public Library Board of Trustees unanimously voted to adopt Public Act 102-0843 which allows library boards to provide non-resident cards at no cost to unserved residents under 18 years of age. This public act pertains to all individuals under age 18 that reside outside of Walnut Township, reside in the Bureau Valley School District, and utilize Walnut Public Library as their nearest library.

If you are not sure whether you live in the district, check your property tax bill or click to view the library district map. Type in your address in the search bar on the upper left side and see if your place of residence appears in our library district.

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