Construction Update

Apr 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Our main basement drain backed up a few weeks ago. The plumbers came out to auger it and ran the camera down the drain to find and repair the issue. The first issue was an old “t” fitting between the two downstairs bathrooms that needed to be replaced to a “y” fitting. The t was preventing the flow. After the fitting was replaced the plumbers completed a stimulated test and after six flushes from our upstairs facility a clog happened again.

After running the camera further down they discovered two dips in the pipe. Our Board of Trustees voted to repair the issue now before we have our new floor put in. After the plumbers opened up the floor and had access to the pipe they discovered that sections of the pipe didn’t have the correct grade.

Our other option would have been to have routine maintenance and augering done every few months and before or after heavy traffic flow. If we chose the band-aid method we would have eventually needed to have the same repair done. The plumbing work is complete and we are doing some repair and prep work to the area with anticipation of our floor being laid within the next week or so. After the floor is laid we will finish the work to the children’s library, bathrooms and hallway.

Our new furniture is scheduled for incremental arrivals between the end of April and mid May.

Please feel free to stop in and view any of our work in progress and ask questions. I can say we are finally over the half way mark!

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